Warm Edge


Optimal thermal efficiency, excellent structural integrity, and a unique design.

The THERMIX TX PRO spacer profile represents a contemporary innovation composed of a specialized thermopolymer strengthened by two highly durable stainless steel wires. This profile features a partial encasement with an incredibly thin layer of stainless steel foil, which not only enhances sealant adhesion but also acts as an effective gas barrier.

Measuring at a height of 6.85 millimeters, with lengths spanning 5 to 6 meters, and variable widths ranging from 7.5 to 23.5 millimeters, this high-grade stainless steel coating is exceptionally thin at just 0.09 millimeters, endowing it with both resilience and flexibility. THERMIX TX ADVANCE can be customized through cutting for frame production with plastic corner connectors or seamlessly bent using any contemporary bending machine available in today's market.

Thermix TX Pro is listed in the Şişecam approved products